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About Tongkat Ali Male Enhancement Pills

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) , also known as Pasak Bumi or Longjack, is a tree-like plant that is native to Indonesia and Malaysia. The root of the plant has been traditionally harvested for use in tonics for a wide variety of medicinal uses, including male enhancement. In higher concentrated extracts, the research suggests that this amazing plant boosts testosterone, creating positive effects for men such as increased sex drive, higher quality sperm, and stronger muscle growth. As a natural male enhancer that has been used for centuries, Tongkat Ali has become the go-to sexual enhancement supplement on the market. 


Where does Him Supplements get its Tongkat Ali?

We import the 200:1 root extract directly from Sumatra, Indonesia where it is harvested and produced. Within its jungles, Indonesia is rich in Tongkat Ali trees, which makes it the best source for harvesting 10-year-old roots of the plant. Malaysia has outlawed the harvesting of wild Tongkat Ali, and therefore, has resorted to farming, and thus, harvesting roots at too young of an age. 

What makes Him Supplements different than the others?

Simply put, Him Supplement offers the highest quality Tongkat Ali male enhancement pills on the market. This is because we use the most potent concentration and the highest quality source to make a male enhancer that is truly unique. There is a reason why men feel comfortable coming to our supplement company for Tongkat Ali, and it is because they know they can trust the quality of our product over our competitors.  

Is Tongkat Ali similar to Viagra®?

No, it is not! Not enough research has been done into the effects of Tongkat Ali on men with erectile dysfunction (ED), though reports suggest that it may help men more easily achieve erections that will last longer and be harder. Do not expect to achieve erections if you are afflicted with ED. However, Tongkat Ali can enhance your sexual experience and reinforce sex drive, which makes it a sought-after aphrodisiac. 

What is the difference between 50:1, 100:1, and 200:1 concentrations?

These ratios are the extract levels that are commonly found today. The most potent is 200:1, meaning that it takes 200 parts root to produce 1 part extract. Additionally, 200:1 and 1:200 have been known to be used interchangeably. At Him Supplements, we offer 200:1 because of the 

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