Tongkat Ali (Pasak Bumi) 1:200 Root Extract Male Enhancement Supplement

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Product Description

Him Supplements is proud to provide our customers with high-quality, potent Tongkat Ali.

What is it?

Tongkat Ali is an herbal supplement known to naturally boost free testosterone in males. For centuries, people have taken this root as a health tonic and aphrodisiac, but it has only been recently that the full impact of Tongkat Ali has been understood. 

Why buy it from Him Supplements?

Our Tongkat Ali 1:200 Root Extract is produced and bottled by UD Sumatra Pasak Bumi, Indonesia. This Tongkat Ali is harvested from the same jungles as the top few leading brands in the world. Don't fall for cheaper inferior products from China and Malaysia; a quick internet search will enlighten you as to why. If you are looking for genuine, authentic, and unadulterated Tongkat Ali 1:200 Root Extract, this is it!

What are the benefits of taking Tongkat Ali?

  • Enhanced Libido 
  • Improved Semen Quality/Sperm Count
  • More Powerful Ejaculation
  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Better Mood
  • Fat-Burning Properties

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PLEASE NOTE: Everybody is different, and results can vary based on age, weight, health, and fitness.